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Hopeisinthe_future2011 well after acquiring mirgraines 6 away from 7 times the Dr. set me on Topomax I get started tomorrow. Has anyone taken this although getting on cymbalta? I've examine all one other drugs employed for despair or anexity so I used to be pondering how the 2 blend with each other? Paula  < ..present

caya45 Hi,Like you I take in excess of twenty pills per day.  I feel I 'm the only real individual that hasn't lost weight with Topomax And that i started out with 200mg for migranes.  I'd a stroke because of severe migranes, tension, using tobacco I had been was just 46 yrs old, migraines are certainly not to get taken probably.

bri1290 Hi there, I utilized to take Topamax for migraines in high school for the reason that my migraines had been taking far from my everyday lifetime. As most of you probably know, I had been actually remaining household.

Kconcerned alright so I used to be on Topamax for migraines prior to (about 2 many years ago) and had severe abdomen cramps and diarrhea as well as extreme loss of apetite.Therefore, I lost a great deal of weight. (for somebody who was only five' 1" and 96 pounds at enough time, losing almost twenty kilos of bowel was not so good). My tummy pains have been so unbearable and I had been so depressed that I used to be outside of faculty for over six months because the agony was unbearable. I had been juggling different depression and anxiety in addition to abdomen medications simultaneously mainly because I in addition to a number of doctors couldn't work out what it had been. Mainly because I had been on a lot of medications at some time, we were being aiming to remove as quite a few as we could that were being unnescessary. Topamax being one of these because it was just a preventative. I was below a lot of existence modifications in the course of this time, so I don't know what at some point stopped the abdomen aches.

smittys Hello, Can any person help me??? I was just commenced on Topamax together with keppra, lacimtal, duragesic fentyl patch (for agony - have experienced over twelve abdominal surgical procedures in fifteen many years). Through that time I gained fifty five lbs of very unwelcome lbs, right after Just about every surgical treatment I would lose the same old 10 to sixteen pounds and then it would appear suitable back on. The seizures weren't diagnosed until eventually late final calendar year Once i was started on keppra and lacmital relatively substantial does.  Now my Neurologist mentioned based on final eeg my seizures keep on to worsen so instead on growing the above (which I believe I'm currently to the max) she suggested we commence topamax (the weight loss could well be a side result that might be welcome for the modify). My dilemma is does everyone have any practical experience with other medication interactions and may the weight loss still be a factor?

jen31576 I have been on Topamax for almost two months now. one hundred mg on a daily basis. I still provide the tingle in my hands, especially when I smoke. My soda nonetheless tastes Strange, but I have discovered that diet soda preferences like my typical now, so in my Mind that is okay with me. I've lost almost 20 lbs .. I have experienced just one migrane considering the fact that getting the drug. In reference towards the confusion however. I have it A good deal!

momof3tryinfor5 started out having topamax on jan 31 for migrains and enjoy the result. haven't experienced any complications considering the fact that beginning the drug, lost about fifteen lbs, but haven't had a period due to the fact?? has natural weight loss anyone else experienced everything similar to this.

Worry_Wart26 Alright..I took my initially twenty five mg dosage of topomax before bed past night. I consume a diet coke everyone morning. This early morning I right away seen that my diet coke tasted flat. Can it be achievable that it kicked in that quick?

MaxVet I am a seasoned Topamax taker.  I started off once the drug was rather mysterious to most in addition to a generic wasnt available at the time.  I am a definite migraine circumstance and might say that with each of the posts I browse with the exception in the loss of hair...I believe I've had every sympton.  I was down from 160lbs to 109lbs but not surprisingly this was over some effective diet pills period of your time a lot more so a yr or two.  I wouldn't recommend people to take this drug Except its needed for the goal of a migraine, epileptics, or other circumstances beneath a doctors suggestion.

Rose5310 I have taken Topomax myself at the time in past times And that i personally would check with your doctor to take you off of it If you don't need it. Sorry that that you are suffering from these sideeffects it is very a strong medicine :( good luck. Rose ..display

MissAgent me much too!! I took myself off of it to generally be crystal clear headed for faculty! I attained about ten pounds and am miserable! It appears I cant end having possibly and all i think of is foodstuff!

dani183 I just started off using the generic form of Topamax known as Topiramate and I had been questioning if anybody else was on this just one and When the weight loss was a similar or if it would be a lot less since it's generic ..present

gg5442 I as well have taken topamax up to now, was around 200 mg for migraine with vertigo, then attempted to lower all the way down to 25mg., due to Mind fogginess, received the entire read the full info here twenty five lbs . i lost back.

stormygrl68 I are actually on topamax for almost a yr and also a 50 % now and I've also experienced weight loss, but not on the extremes of seeking just like a stick Though I confident would like lol but I have lost 15 pounds and due to the fact have ceased losing weight!

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